Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to start a photography business in 3 easy steps

1-Get people that allow you to take a good few headshots for free, they can be friends, family and co-workers. Master your camera and learn to Process your work; choose ONE photo from each of your sessions to include in your portfolio. share your portfolio in all the social Medias.

 2- Find great locations around the area. Don't go too far and always make sure the subject is comfortable. Search for close parks, malls, your surrounding area or their own house. Bring a chair or stool for better experience.

 3- Print business cards, paper flyers to bring with you at any time and include them in your material and set your pricing structure. Try to be fair according with to your final product. Make sure always give the customer at least one visual Picture so they see what their buying, because getting their loyalty is one of the best benefits in photography business.

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